Bamboo Skateboards are taking over! And Bamboosk8 is leading the pack.

“Bamboo is the only way to fly” says young skateboarder Jo Jo Whalen.
And fly they do. Look below at Logan Marshall flyin’ in his Bamboosk8.
picture of young skateboarder flying around a turn

Bamboo skateboards are taking over as the “go to material for America’s robust skateboard industry. Maple laminates are being replaced as the source material with the stronger and more flexible bamboo for the “deck” or platform on modern, competitive skateboards.

It’s strong and sustainable. quotes “according to the Science Channel (January 2008, Episode 7 – “Invention Nation”), skateboarding has replaced flooring as the #1 contributor to deforestation of maple trees in North America”. Bamboosk8 is a recent (2007) start up company in the skateboard industry, who’s focus has been the development of bamboo material. Owner and President Geoff Koboldt says “BambooSK8 is positioned in an important period of skateboard history with the realization that being greenis not an option-it’s a necessity”

Weather update…
Despite the un-Spring like weather Bamboo Bob is planting now. For more information regarding the cultivation of Bamboo see:
Visit“Bamboo Bob” Foley >

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