Bamboo Skateboards are taking over! And Bamboosk8 is leading the pack.

“Bamboo is the only way to fly” says young skateboarder Jo Jo Whalen.
And fly they do. Look below at Logan Marshall flyin’ in his Bamboosk8.
picture of young skateboarder flying around a turn

Bamboo skateboards are taking over as the “go to material for America’s robust skateboard industry. Maple laminates are being replaced as the source material with the stronger and more flexible bamboo for the “deck” or platform on modern, competitive skateboards.

It’s strong and sustainable. quotes “according to the Science Channel (January 2008, Episode 7 – “Invention Nation”), skateboarding has replaced flooring as the #1 contributor to deforestation of maple trees in North America”. Bamboosk8 is a recent (2007) start up company in the skateboard industry, who’s focus has been the development of bamboo material. Owner and President Geoff Koboldt says “BambooSK8 is positioned in an important period of skateboard history with the realization that being greenis not an option-it’s a necessity”

Weather update…
Despite the un-Spring like weather Bamboo Bob is planting now. For more information regarding the cultivation of Bamboo see:
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31 Responses to Bamboo Skateboards are taking over! And Bamboosk8 is leading the pack.

  1. simon lebro says:

    BambooSK8 rules!! These guys are definitely positioned to be the next MAJOR pro brand!!

  2. Lauren Barinsky says:

    bamboo skateboards are awesome! they have a lot more pop than the maple board i used to have and it’s great that it’s made from a sustainable source… i landed some of my first tricks on it :)

  3. Dakota Banas says:

    I love bamboosk8!! They rock!!

  4. Cody tanis says:

    Bamboo is the only thing I’ll skate for life!!!!! Get bamboo it’s amazing!!!!! And LOW PRICED!!

  5. This is great thanks..!

  6. I’ve been riding for Bamboo Sk8 for over 2 years. Their decks are lighter, stronger, and more flexible than most maple decks, plus they have great pop and are eco-friendly!

  7. Elijah Schoonmaker says:

    Today I was skating with my friend and my skateboard went under the fridge and was stuck, so like the nose was under it so I remebered it is really strong so I jumped on it. Holy Cow! my board lifted a 450 pound fridge, launched me like 4 feet in the air, and didn’t even chip I was so suprized on how tough it was untill I did that.

  8. Kory Fogg says:

    Got my Bamboo sk8 deck yesterday, LOVE IT! CAnt say enuff good stuff about it!!! You guys are definately stuck w me for life!! Its wicked strong, flexible in a good way, its got so much pop, its like its hyperactiveee,lol. The fact that its eco friendly has me stoked! i swore off plastic water bottles about 6 months ago, so my bamboo deck just makes me feel even more like im actually doing something good for the earth. Thanks guys, LOVE BAMBOO SK8!! Rock on!!

  9. Dee C. Steward says:

    Bamboo is the shizs i skated fir them for a year and that was tight the boards are lighter with more pop and stronger (took me 3 months to snap a deck and i was trying to)

  10. Jose Villatoro says:

    I love riding for Bamboosk8 they are by far the best skateboards around and they have a important movement in skateboarding industry. =-D

  11. Bob Grijalva says:

    We have plenty of bamboo boards in stock.

  12. Wow! Thats me! BambooSk8 Decks are awesome. Ride them you will love them!
    I love the pop I get off my deck after 2 months of riding! They are lighter and last longer than any deck I have riden.
    FKO for kids only.
    Melon out of the little bowl

  13. Avery Suarez says:

    stoked on cheapsk8r having bamboo!!!! will never ride a maple deck again 1 love bamboo!!!1

  14. Allen says:

    I love bamboo skateboards/longboards!

    There the best longboards/skateboards ever!

  15. jahleel alhadad says:

    ok when i first herd bout bamboo i was like wow..wack! but the i tried it and lot of people say this jus to kiss ass,but like bam boo is like the best board ive had like u dont no till u try u try it….u wont be disapointed

  16. Zachary Church says:

    these decks are awesome bamboo such a great idea


  18. Paul says:

    dude. i love the idea of a eco freindly skate company. i love the boards and everything. its ill

  19. Brenden Barr says:

    BambooSK8 is awesome!!!!!!!

  20. Charlie Bearer says:

    Bamboosk8 Boards are Cool… Great graphics, Great Spring and action, Super Strong and Eco Friendly too! Everything a skater could ask for!
    Charlie Bearer

  21. Nicolas Brock says:

    BambooSk8 is the next bext plan to making skateboards, while keeping it 100% safe to our enviroment. Bamboo is a genuis idea because of how strong the wood is and how rural it actually is compared to maple trees or other wood. BambooSk8 RULES!

  22. ryan burke says:

    bamboo is the best it will be the new maple it has a perfect amount of concave and does not snap as easy and i have been buying them for 5 months now

  23. ryan burke says:

    bamboo is the best clothing and deck company i have been buying them for 5 months now and are the next maple they have the best concave on a board and are my favorite deck so far so buy bamboo

  24. bamboo is flippin awsome. lighter than some other boards. it takes most people less than a month to snap a maple but bamboo is durable in almost about every aspect of sk8ing. they ware away fast but they are nt very easy to snap. i pulld it out of the box an tryd to snap it after i put the trucks on an it didnt evn crack. dont worry i had bought 2 of them. rock on bamboosk8! keep up the awsome work.

  25. Eddie Banian says:

    There Boards are Awesome. They have great pop and last longer. I have been riding BambooSK8 decks for over a year and I can honestly say its just fantastic to ride. The company has been great to work with and I cant think of riding for anyone else, there support has been second to none.

  26. BambooSk8 is amazing. Enough said.

  27. bamboo is thee best board out there ! its super strong its got amaizing pop ! its sestainability is amaizing ! overall an amaizing board ! definitley the best board there is !

  28. Bryan Jervey says:

    Bamboo is the only board i’m riding. Point blank. I love the boards and the way they skate. There is a bright future at Bamboo sk8 I can tell you that much.
    Bamboo’s the best!!!

  29. David says:

    These are some of the best boards out . Ive only been skating them when i have the time for them to ship in between its been 1031 decks but i like bamboo sk8′s boards better. Once you get used to them the feel is soooo much better, The pop is extraordinary and gets you up on those high ledges.

  30. liam says:

    if your not skating bamboo then ur board is garbage no matter wat

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